Friday, July 11, 2014

Coming this Fall...

I received three awesome packages in the mail this week!

Package #1:  Handwriting Without Tears for Kindergarten and 2nd grade (plus Kick Start Cursive)

Package #2:  Math-U-See Alpha book and Beta book

Package #3:  Core Knowledge What Your Preschooler Needs to Know, What Your Kindergartner Needs to Know, What Your First Grader Needs to Know, as well as the First Grade Teacher's Guide and an Activity Book for Preschoolers

Now to get organized, put all this together, and figure out how in the world to homeschool three kids at three different levels, with a baby around who's learning to crawl, in a basement!  Going to get interesting around here....

Oh, did I say a baby who's learning to crawl?  Yes, that's right...Baxter has started scooting himself around on the floor this week.  Put a toy out of his reach and he uses his arms to pull his body across the floor...time to keep the basement door closed and remove small objects from the floor!!!

In house news...Survey and Perc test are being done this week...if all goes well, should be closing on the land in the next week or two, then on to a construction loan!!!  Woo-Hoo!!

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Six months old!!

Oh, little Baxter, you're not so little any more!  This boy is sitting up and having a great time!!  He's starting to roll all over the floor much like Ruby did to get where he sees something interesting.  He's reaching for stuff and grabbing hair and not letting go!  The kids really want him to start crawling...not so sure I'm ready for that!  He is eating two, sometimes three, solid meals a day and loves all kinds of food (not that you'd know since he screams when he eats and covers his whole self with his food so that he can lick it off, strange kid!)  Baxter definitely has become super attached to his Mama.  He knows when I'm around and when strangers are around.  He still doesn't like noise and has entered that stage of nursing where he can't eat if there's something more interesting or noisy going on around him.  Thank goodness we're halfway to a year!!

In other Ingram news...
Rachel swam the whole way across the pool by herself today!!  She might even swim in a meet next week!
Ford has learned how to add 100s and is trying to work his way up to the time telling lesson so he can wear a Thomas watch!
Ruby wants to do school work as much as possible even though nobody else is up for it.  She is starting to put letters together and sound them out.   The girl wants to read like Rachel!
Allen is getting a new truck and a new jeep for his birthday...did you think he could seriously go a year without changing cars?
I have a job!  It's a small one, but for one week at the end of July I'm going to teach dance at an arts camp at our church since Allen can be home with the kids.  It's only 4.5 hours a day, but should be fun!
We are getting closer every day to purchasing our land and starting construction on the Ingram Family Farm.  Just waitint on survey and perk test right now, then things should really get moving!!

Monday, June 23, 2014

Welcome summer!

Just a few notes about summer learning...
Rachel is doing violin every other week in summer, she started using the D string this week and is moving up to a bigger violin tomorrow (a loaner until we order her new one!)

Ford has 3 more books to finish this Bob book box.  He wants to finish by the end of June and take a break from formal reading in July.  He has ten lessons left in his math book, by the end of summer he should be able to tell time and subtract .  I want him to finish up this book so he can start with a fresh new book in Kindergarten.

Ruby insists that she's finished preschool...she's so ready for ballet in the Fall, she should be swimming with the big kids soon.  She's really good at keeping up with Rachel and Ford!

Baxter just keeps growing and moving!  He can pick up a cup and I even let him take a little sip of water today...he was so proud of himself!

Allen and I are remembering what the 4 hour body diet is like.  I'm ready to shed these pounds and it's going to take more than just exercising.  We've cut out dairy, white foods, carbs and grains, and fruit with one binge day a week.  Basically meat and veggies!  The last time we did this plan we lost a TON of weight... So here's hoping it works again!

Saturday, June 21, 2014

5 years and 5 months

The boys of Ingram School are growing and growing and growing.  Before they get any older, let me tell you all about what they can do these days!

Ford turned 5 years old this past Wednesday.  He is becoming such a confident little boy.  He has been learning to swim over the past few weeks and told us the other day to just go on and give Baxter his puddle jumper!  Once he got brave enough to try jumping in without and going under the water, he had no need to wear that cumbersome thing any more!!  He is an emotional roller coaster most days and is a man of extremes.  Everything is extremely great or extremely horrible to him at all times!!  He is definitely a pleaser and wants everyone around him to be happy.  If one of his sisters gets upset, he tries his best to find something to make them feel better (unfortunately that usually means the other sister gets's such a balancing act!).  He can't wait to officially start Kindergarten.  On the morning of his birthday he said, "Well, Mama, let's go ahead and do my school work so we can get on with the day."  I wasn't going to make him do any school work, but he was so excited to skip count by 10s and read a couple of Bob books.  He has started trying to read signs when we're driving around and figure out words in books as we're reading them.  I don't think he'll have any trouble becoming a reader this Fall.  He is such a sweet guy.  Love you,  Ford!

The other big boy around here was 5 months old at the beginning of June and is almost 6 months old!!  Talk about sweet....once we figured out his tummy troubles, this boy has gone back to being a super sweet toe-sucking, finger-licking, smiling and giggling happy guy.  Baxter is quickly learning to sit up and grab his toys.  He LOVES solid food and will eat anything.  Luckily, I've gotten him to eat some Mulit-Grain cereal so that he can poop more than once a week.  Fruits and veggies with no cereal creates lots of screaming from tummy trouble for him!  Other than cereal, he hasn't met a food he didn't like (feeding these four when they're teenagers is going to be outrageous!!).  I love this age because I finally feel like I can play with him and the other kids are having fun entertaining him.  He thinks they are all hysterical and especially loves to grab their hair and pull (that's usually when they stop entertaining!). If we can just get Bax to sit up in his little boat at the pool, we are going to have a great summer of swimming.  For now, though, he just likes one of us to hold him while the other one watches Ruby and then Ford and Rachel jump-in-get-out-jump-in-get-out-jump-in-get-out....
He is taking a regular morning and afternoon nap now and gets up twice in the night when we put him to bed at 7 with everyone else.  There are still some nights where he wakes more often than that, but we'll get there.  I know as soon as we get it straight, the teeth will start popping in and mess it all up.  No biggie, haven't slept in 6 years, why start now???

Love these boys!!